The Society is pleased to announce its new mentoring initiative for students, postdocs, and early career scholars. We recognize that one of the most valuable things we can do as a Society is to help build intellectual and social networks. Building connections with scholars at other institutions allows more junior scholars to develop their careers and help further their intellectual trajectories. Particularly among scientific anthropologists, network ties are sometimes thin at any one institution and building these frameworks across institutions, and even across sub-field lines, is a powerful way to reintegrate under the umbrella of SAS.

Mentoring Event

Inspired by a discussion with students during the 2018 Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS) Business Meeting, SAS organized its first mentoring event at the 2019 American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings in Vancouver for students and professionals, who learn ethnographic research and analysis methods from reading case studies and handbooks, but do not have an expert for whom they can ask questions. This event included several qualitative and quantitative ethnographic research methods experts that answered questions one-on-one. We are planning more mentoring sessions for the future!

You are welcome to view the future and prior mentor event materials!

    Mentor Matching

    We are seeking both senior scholars (who would be willing to serve as mentors) and junior scholars (undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and other early career scholars seeking mentoring) to sign up at and fill out a brief survey allowing us (the SAS executive board) to make matches. We particularly urge senior scholars to disseminate this message widely to your students, who might not otherwise hear about this initiative.