Society for Anthropological Sciences 2021 Spring Meeting Preliminary Program


The following are the Society for Anthropological Sciences 2021 Spring Meeting sessions, papers, and workshops from the Society of Applied Anthropology Preliminary Program.

Please remember that many of the Society for Anthropological Sciences members will be presenting as part of the SfAA, PESO, and other groups, see the full program for a list of all of the planned presentations.

The Society for Anthropological Sciences Business Meeting day and time will be announced soon!


(19-3) FRIDAY 12:00-5:00 Channel 1 (live/simulcast)

  • Cultural Consensus Analysis (SAS Workshop, Fee $50)
  • ORGANIZERS: GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U) and LOWE, John W. (Cultural Analysis)


(23-3) 10:00-11:45 Channel 3 (live/simulcast)

  • Revisiting Complex Cognition: Evidence from Stone, Fire, Glue, and Symbol-Making Technologies, Part I (SAS)
  • CHAIR: STRAFFON, Larissa Mendoza (SapienCE U Bergen)
    • BENDER, Andrea and STRAFFON, Larissa Mendoza (U Bergen) The Dual Role of Culture for (Early) Human Cognition
    • BLESSING, Matthias, SCHMIDT, Patrick, and TENNIE, Claudio (U Tuebingen) On the Relationship of Birch Tar Making and Complex Cognition in the Paleolithic
    • BENTSEN, Silje Evjenth (SapienCE U Bergen) Think of Fire Before It Starts: Fire Technology and Cognition
  • Meetup 11:45-12:30

(23-8) 12:00-1:45 Channel 3 (live/simulcast)

  • Revisiting Complex Cognition: Evidence from Stone, Fire, Glue, and Symbol-Making Technologies, Part II (SAS)
  • CHAIR: STRAFFON, Larissa Mendoza (SapienCE U Bergen)
    • KOZOWYK, Paul, FAJARDO BERNAL, Sebastian, and LANGEJANS, Geeske (Delft U of Tech) Getting Unstuck by Modeling Birch Tar Production Complexity
    • STRAFFON, Larissa Mendoza (SapienCE U Bergen) Visual Art Origins: Assessing Cognition, Communication, and Material Culture
  • DISCUSSANT: GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U)
  • Meetup 1:45-2:30

(PR 23-8) 2:00-3:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand)

  • Birth, Death, and Dreams (SAS)
  • CHAIR: SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U)
    • PLACEK, Caitlyn (Ball State U) Cultural and Ecological Functions of Pregnancy Fasting
    • NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenburg) The Connection between Counterintuitive Religious Dream Content, Social Use, and Religiosity
    • SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U) The Approach and the Gift

(PR 23-14) 6:00-7:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand)

  • Service Learning and Leadership Training: Paths to Personal Growth and Power (SAS)
  • CHAIR: CARSON, Sarah (U Penn)
    • CARSON, Sarah (U Penn) The New Girls’ Club: Political Training Programs and the Women Changing the Face of U.S. Politics
    • HUME, Douglas (NKU) Themes of Academic and Personal Growth: An Analysis of Students’ Service-learning Reflections from the Ethnographic Field School in Belize


(PR 25-1) 10:00-11:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand)

  • Cultural Models and Cultural Space (SAS)
  • CHAIR: HENDERSON, Nicole (U Alabama)
    • DRESSLER, William (U Alabama) The Use of Spatial Metaphors in Navigating Cultural Space
    • HENDERSON, Nicole (U Alabama) Circumstance vs Choice: How Perceptions of Substance Misuse Risk Influences Self-Stigma
    • DEMOSS, Lessye (U Alabama) Cultural Consonance as Lived Experience
    • SNOEK, Conor(U Lethbridge) Cognitive Cultural Models and Metonymic Lexicalization in Dene


(PR 26-10) 4:00-5:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand)

  • Disasters and Climate Change (SAS)
  • CHAIR: SKOGGARD, Ian (Human Relations Area Files)
    • SKOGGARD, Ian, PIERRO, Rachele, and EMBER, Carol R. (Human Relations Area Files), PITEK, Emily (GWU) Local Knowledge and Social Capital in Disaster Relief: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
    • MATTHEWS, Luke and CLARK-GINSBERG, Aaron (RAND Corp), SCOBIE, Michelle (U West Indies), GOPINATHAN, Unni (Norwegian Inst of Public Hlth), SHANNON, Geordan (U Coll-London), MYHRE, Sonja (Norwegian Inst of Public Hlth), PETERS, Laura and MERILÄINEN, Eija (U Coll-London), IZENBERG, Max (RAND Corp), KELMAN, Ilan (U Coll-London, U Agder) Enhancing Community Collective Action to Address Climate Change’s Impacts on Health


(PR 27-1) SATURDAY 10:00-11:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand)

  • Water Management and Fisheries (SAS)
  • CHAIR: LYON, Stephen (AKU-ISMC)
    • LYON, Stephen, TAN, Jeff, BIRKINSHAW, Matt, and GRIESER, Anna (AKU-ISMC) Community Based Water Management Scalability: A Gilgit-Baltistan Case Study
    • COHEN, Anna and CANNON, Molly (USU) Water Heritage in the U.S. Mountain West: Integrating Mixed Methods to Study the Evolution of Water Management
    • FUKUSHIMA, Chisaki (Newcastle U) Social Network Analysis of Yago Household in Fishing Communities in Japan

(27-9) 12:00-1:45 Channel 4(live/simulcast)

  • Ethnographic Field and Data Analysis Methods: One-on-one Mentoring (SAS)
  • CHAIRS: DENGAH, Francois (USU)and SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U)
  • ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: DENGAH, Francois (USU), DRESSLER, William (U Alabama), WELLER, Susan (UTMB), LEAF, Murray (UT Dallas), CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U), LYON, Stephen (AKU-ISMC), OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama), LOWE, John W. (Cultural Analysis), GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U), HUME, Douglas (NKU), SKOGGARD, Ian (Human Relations Area Files)
  • Meetup 1:45-2:30

(27-14) 2:00-3:45 Channel 4 (live/simulcast)

  • Examining Resilience in Disasters: Resistance, Adaptation, Transformation (SAS)
    • OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama) Health and Medical Resilience in the Face of Climate Change in the Northern Peruvian Andes
    • MCCABE, J. Terrence (UC-Boulder) Under What Conditions Do Extreme Events Become Transformative?: An Examination of Drought in Northern Tanzania
    • MURPHY, Arthur (UNCG), LUQUE, Diana A. (CIAD-Hermosillo), and JONES, Eric C. (SPH UTH) Evolution of Trust, Exchange, and Support in Post-Disaster Information Networks
  • Meetup 3:45-4:30