Covid-19 as a trigger for the Cybernetic Revolution

Covid-19 Pandemic as a trigger of the Cybernetic Revolution 

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Andrey V. Korotayev, Dr. Anton Grinin , and Dr. Leonid Efimovich Grinin 

Discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Victor de Munck (Vilnius University)

This is the first and opening event in a series of "Conversations in Anthropology" co-organized by the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies at Vilnius University and the Society for Anthropological Sciences-EuroAsia

June 22, 2021 at 5 PM EEST

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This event will be streamed on VU Azijos ir transkulturini4 studij4 institutas and Society for Anthropological Sciences - SAS "Facebook" pages