Mentoring Event Materials – 2022 SfAA/SAS Meetings

Ethnographic Field and Data Analysis Methods: One-on-one Mentoring

  • Organizers: Ian Skoggard and Nicole Henderson
  • Time and Location T.B.A.

Abstract: From Nuts to Bolts: Ethnographic Research and Methods Roundtable. Members of the Society for Anthropological Sciences (SASci) are offering helpful advice on basic research questions and their expertise on a variety of ethnographic research methods in a one-on-one mentoring setting.  A SASci member will be available to discuss methods, theory, research design, writing articles or a dissertation, choosing and entering a field site, and career paths after graduation. Specific ethnographic field methods include cultural consensus, cultural consonance, corpus-driven ethnography, elicitation by frame, free listing, interviewing, lexical analysis, pile sorting, social network analysis, survey methods, eHRAF coding, and symbolic projective tasks. Mentors and study material are posted on the SASci website: [now].

  • T.B.A. – Toni Copeland & Kevin M. Kelly