Conference “Old Discipline, New Trajectories: Theories, Methods and Practices in Anthropology”

The Society for the Anthropological  Sciences (SASci-branch) has expanded to Europe and West, Central and South Asia  and is planning its first Euro-Asian Conference at Vilnius University,  Lithuania on June 16-18th 2022.

Going under the title “Old Discipline,  New Trajectories: Theories, Methods and Practices in Anthropology”, the  conference seeks to provide a “home” for socioultural and linguistic  anthropologists as well as archeologists and bio-evolutionary  anthropologists who identify themselves and seek to connect with  scientifically minded anthropologists. It does not neglect the  humanistic aspect of anthropology and embraces it as part of the unity  implicit in the study of human lifeways and the cultural stuff that  gives meaning, direction and collective identities to us. The upcoming  conference might be seen as an important foundational step to  establishing closer collaboration and integration among different  disciplinary and methodological strands within the discipline of  anthropology.

We invite proposals for individual papers  and panels. For panels, please submit 200-300 word panel abstract and  the list of participants with their paper titles and 100-200 word  abstracts. All individual submissions must include 100-200 word  abstract. If your submission is part of a panel, please indicate the  title and chair of a panel in the application form. Proposals should be  submitted to the conference organizers via this link.

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2022.

Individually  submitted papers will be organized in panels. Individuals can present  in one panel and be a chair or organizer of a second panel, but one  cannot be a presenter in two panels. Student submissions are highly  encouraged.
Notifications about the paper and panel acceptance will be sent out by April 1st, 2022.

You can find more information about the conference here: