SAS 2023 Fundraising Campaign

For the first time in a very long time, the Society for Anthropological Sciences is holding a fundraising campaign starting today and running through the end of November – specifically, to raise funds for our H. Russell Bernard paper prizes and Student Travel Awards.

To give to the campaign, simply go to this link:  This will let you make your tax-deductible (US) donation through a secure credit card as you would with any of your other charitable donations.
While the fundraising campaign is run through AAA, 100% of all funds raised will go directly into our SAS account for our student awards – never into a general AAA fund or anything else like that.  We are absolutely committed to always using all this funding to support our students, both now and for future generations of anthropological scientists.
For years, it has been the case that basically all of our expenses as a society go towards our students in the form of H. Russell Bernard paper prizes and Student Travel Awards.  You may not know this, but over the past two years our student membership has increased from around 10-20 (typical throughout the history of the society) to over 400, including graduate students and undergraduate students from throughout the world. That is not a typo – over 400 students.   I and the SAS executive team are committed to making sure that as many as possible of those student members get regular contact from us, know about our activities, and have access to online workshops and events.  But with that growth comes the obligation to support those growing numbers.
To start off the campaign, both Past-President Stephen Lyon, as well as myself, are seeding the funding campaign coffers with $1000 each.  I want to thank Steve Lyon for his generosity in particular. It’s hardly fair of me to email you and ask for money if we’re not willing to put our money on the table.  Ultimately we would like to raise $10,000 through this campaign, which will establish the long-term future of the SAS award fund in perpetuity.
Thank you in advance for considering making a donation, and I look forward to a successful fundraising campaign.

Stephen Chrisomalis (he/him)
Professor of Anthropology, Wayne State University
President, Society for Anthropological Sciences