Preliminary Program - 2024 Society for Anthropological Sciences Spring Meetings

The preliminary program is below for the Spring 2024 Society for Anthropological Sciences meetings with the Society for Applied Anthropology in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from March 26-30, 2024.

 On-Demand Papers (Whova)

  • STEIN, Max, KOUFAKOU, Anna, SIVILAY, Aaron, and NIEVES, Elijah (FGCU) Pairing Cultural Consensus with Natural Language Models in Community-Engaged Research (SAS)

(W-76) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:15 - Canyon 2 (Hilton Hotel)
Comparative Historical and Contemporary Disaster Governance (SAS)

  • SHENKMAN, Julia, THOMAS, Isabel M., SIMPSON, Valerie, JONES, Eric C. (UTH TMC) Community Cohesion and Political Participation under Varying Hazard Scenarios
  • JONES, Eric C., SHENKMAN, Julia L., THOMAS, Isabel M., and SIMPSON, Valerie (UTH TMC) How Leaders Respond to Frequent Hazards
  • THOMAS, Isabel, SHENKMAN, Julia L., SIMPSON, Valerie, and JONES, Eric C. (UTH SPH) When COVID-19 Policies Paralleled Existing Emergency Management and When They Didn’t
  • BACZYNSKA, Antonina (U Warsaw), SIMPSON, Valerie, SHENKMAN, Julia L., THOMAS, Isabel M., and JONES, Eric C. (UTHHSC) Structure of Social Movements During COVID-19 Pandemic

(TH-16) THURSDAY 9:00-10:45 Canyon 2 (Hilton Hotel)
Finding Insights into Cultural Cognition by Joining Diverse Theoretical Approaches: Sequences, Affordances, Cultural Models, Extended, Enactivist, and Evolutionist, Part I (SAS)

  • CHAIR: DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U)
  • GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U) Playing Pool: Head and Hand Working Together
  • SHEFF, Nathan (UConn) The Social Atom and Its Teleosemantic Glue
  • BENNARDO, Giovanni (NIU) Linguistic Behavior and Cultural Models: Expressing Quality Distinctions
  • WATERS, Dennis (Rutgers U) Language and Behavior

(TH-46) THURSDAY 11:15-1:00 Canyon 2 (Hilton Hotel)
Finding Insights into Cultural Cognition by Joining Diverse Theoretical Approaches: Sequences, Affordances, Cultural Models, Extended, Enactivist, and Evolutionist, Part II (SAS)

  • CHAIR: DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U)
  • DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U) Do Enzymes Make Love?: Thinking Analogically
  • CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U) How Deep Are Cultural Models?

THURSDAY 1:30-3:15 Piñon Boardroom (Eldorado Hotel, 2nd floor)
SAS Executive Meeting

(TH-92) THURSDAY 3:45-5:30 Eldorado B (Eldorado Hotel)

  • HUME, Douglas (NKU) COVID-19 and Undergraduate College Experience: A Four-Year Service-learning Project

THURSDAY 3:45-5:30 Casa España (El Dorado Hotel)
SAS Business Meeting - All are welcome!

THURSDAY 7:30-9:00 Canyon 2 (Hilton Hotel)
SAS Reception - All are welcome!

(F-18) FRIDAY 9:00-10:45 Pecos (Hilton Hotel)
New Frames/New Imaginaries/New Realities (SAS)

  • CHAIR: SKOGGARD, Ian (Yale U)
  • SKOGGARD, Ian (Yale U) Let’s Talk about God: Religion and Human Evolution Research
  • THOMAS, Michael (Space Doctors) Re-enchanting Inclusion through Cultural Models and Revealed Affinities
  • PERKINS, Carrie (UCI) Exploring the Frontier of Experience: Virtual Reality in Applied Ethnography
  • CUSTRED, Glynn (CSUEB) Language, Thought, and Directed Culture Change

(F-105) FRIDAY 3:45-5:30 PM Canyon 1 (Hilton Hotel)
Cognitive Anthropological Approaches to Cultural Dynamism: New Directions in Cultural Consonance (SAS)

  • DENGAH, Francois (USU) The Reformation of Machismo: The Construction of Brazilian Masculinity from a Common Pool of Information
  • MONOCELLO, Lawrence (WUSTL) Muscularities in South Korea: Cultural Consonance and the Dynamic Embodiment of Cultural Models
  • BINGHAM THOMAS, Elizabeth (SMU) Same Cultural Model, Changing Social Institution: Latter-day Saint Perceptions of the Shift from Home/Visiting Teaching to Ministering
  • HENDERSON, Nicole and ROCQUE, Gabrielle B. (UA Birmingham) Consonance in the Clinic: Applying Cognitive Culture Theory to Intervention Implementation and Tailoring
  • DRESSLER, William (U Alabama) Culture, Agency, and Psychological Distress: A Longitudinal Test of Cultural Consonance as a Mediator

(S-11) SATURDAY 9:00-10:45 AM Casa España (Eldorado Hotel)
Ethnographic Field and Data Analysis Methods: One-on-one Mentoring Event (SAS)

Click here for the mentoring materials!

  • CHAIR:S HUME, Douglas (NKU) and BINGHAM THOMAS, Elizabeth (SMU)
  • ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: COPELAND, Toni (U Alabama), CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U), SKOGGARD, Ian (Yale U), WELLER, Susan (U Texas), THOMAS, Michael (Space Doctors), DRESSLER, William (U Alabama), DENGAH, Francois (USU), OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama), GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U)

(S-106) SATURDAY 11:15 AM-3:00 PM Picos (Hilton Hotel)
Perception and Agency in Ritualized Contexts (SAS)

  • CHAIR: NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenburg)
  • NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenburg) Mapping the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Dreams: Report from a Case Study in Nepal
  • DEMIROĞLU, Sevgi and XYGALATAS, Dimitris (UConn) Bliss and Burden of Effort: A Ritualized Study
  • MEDEIROS, Steve (UConn) Military Identity and Group Bonding among US Military Personnel
  • PANT, Samiksha and XYGALATAS, Dmitris (UConn) Healing Spirits: Unveiling the Jharphuk Practice through Consensus Analysis
  • WARREN, Kayla, CHRISTENSEN, Brelle, MARTIN, Jacob, PARDONE, Dorie, and DENGAH, Francois (USU) Cultural Models of Water in Northern Utah: “Hopeful to be hopefull”